A custom designed stand is the perfect way to project your brand image and attract key customers at your next exhibition or event. Our experienced team will guide you through a design brief and deliver a concept that achieves your goals. Conceptual floor plan layouts are drawn up on AutoCAD, and photo-real impressions are designed on 3D Studio Max. We design, project manage, build, and install exhibition stands across South Africa.

Floor Plan Layouts:
Your project team has access to all Exhibition Stands
& Events departments. Our staff have years of
experience in the industry, to meet your specialised
design requirements. We offer our clients access to
a network of exhibition and event services and we
will work with you to ensure your project is designed
and managed to the highest standard. Our team
consists of:

  • CAD/3D Designers
  • Qualified Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Shell Scheme Constructors

3D Design:
Exhibition Stands & Events has some of South Africa’s
most experienced staff in the industry. Our
manufacturing facilities and qualified tradesmen
can manufacture custom designed exhibition
stands which meet all  clients requirements.



At Exhibition Stands & Events we have an extensive range of Octanorm® system, totalling 9600m2. This system is internationally recognized and allows for modular designs. Our team is able to design registration counters, catering stations, directional signage, offices, meeting rooms, media centres, and pavilions. Shell scheme stand packages can be tailored to suit the nature of your exhibition requirements.

Package Stands:
The Octanorm® system allows for various
design combinations and stand enhancements.
The stand provides display opportunities to
best showcase your brand. Stand packages can
be designed around show organisers’
requirements or exhibitors specifically.
Package stands include:

  • Aluminium framing
  • PST panel inserts
  • Fascia with exhibitor name
  • LED light
  • 32 AMP plug
  • 1m carpet tiles

Registration Counters:
Registration counters can be used in your
exhibition or conference to inform visitors
or administration purposes. They are
designed to suit individual events which
vary from displays to catering and bars.
Graphic substrates add visual effect and
can be used across multiple events.

Pavilions are visually impressive and provide
screening, sound proofing, or designated areas
within an event space. These areas can feature
furniture, branding opportunities, staging,
lighting, and audio visual elements to complete
the customer experience.



Our qualified electricians use innovative, SABS approved, power and lighting equipment to enhance your exhibition stand or event. This includes the supply and installation of temporary electrical installations, the distribution of power, and the supply of plugs, lights and fitting. We provide Electrical Certificates of Compliance (CoC) and stock the latest technology making Exhibition Stands & Events a leading provider of power & lighting in the exhibition & event industry.

Exhibition Stands & Events has a range of distribution
boards, cabling, plugs and take offs. Power outlets
come in different size wattages or amps. Appliances
have a specific rating which they require to operate.
Our qualified electrical staff can assist with your

Our electricians are experienced in all aspects of
lighting and installation options. Lights can brighten
up your stand and are affixed to the aluminium
system. Light creates a focus on hanging banners
or other displays. And specialised globes make for
ambient lighting throughout your exhibition or event.

Audio Visual:
We offer AV packages that include video and audio.
Inquire about our range of hire equipment including
LCD screens, microphones, PA and sound equipment,
and projection screens. Create the right environment
at your next exhibition, event or conference.



A complete exhibition stand or event should match your brand image from the ground up. Flooring systems can offer a variety of effects including carpeting, raised floors, colours and digital prints, wood laminate flooring, and backlit options. Exhibition Stands & Events offers a range of colours and lighting options to match every brand with a stock of over 10 000m2. Custom flooring can be incorporated into stand packages and custom stand designs.

Our 1 metre carpet tiles are laid by experienced build
crews to the approved floor plan design of your
exhibition or event.

Raised Flooring:
Raised flooring offers a high-quality look to your
show. This can be used with laminate flooring
or carpeting, and finished with aluminium edging.

Branded Flooring:
All flooring options can be customised with your
logo or corporate colours for extra event branding.



Custom stand builds deliver a unique design and are usually constructed using wood with a wide range of finishes. The creative team will conceptualise a design and oversee the construction by the custom stands department. Custom stands are designed specifically around your products and services setting you apart from your competitors. These exhibition stands have bespoke elements which require fine tuning on site.

Enhanced Shell Scheme:
The shell scheme stand enhancements makes use
of the Octanorm® system along. These stands are
cost effective and best suit your exhibition

System Builds:
System builds use the Octanorm® system which
has numerous extrusion profiles and sizes,
along with various other custom stand elements.
Theses system elements with signage & graphics,
raised flooring and lighting creates a stand
that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Shop-fitted Builds:
Shop-fitting refers to custom built stands from
the ground up. Our in-house manufacturing
and design departments have the expertise
and resources to construct just about any design.



Creating a visual impression can be achieved through various substrates such as wide format digital printing, vinyl signage, laser cutting, banner systems, and backlit signage. We offer a fast, reliable panel printing service, utilising a variety of panel materials including environmentally friendly options. This service includes the application, and rigging or installation of the signage or graphics.

Keep your stand visible in the exhibition space
with a variation of fascia options installed into
the shell scheme system. Branding and product
presentation is important when trying to
achieve brand recognition in an event. We have
a range of fascia options which cover all types of
styles and budget.

Panels Prints:
Brand your space with custom designed graphics
printed onto our PST panel inserts. Solid colour
infills are also available and is a cost effective
way of branding blank panels.

Fabric Banners:
The fabric banner prints provide vibrant colour
and allow for seamless walls. This system has been
specifically designed to fit our exhibition stands.
The system is reusable and will definitely draw
attention to your stand.

Directional Signage:
Ensure your exhibitors and attendees of your show
are never lost by making use of our range of
directional signage options. All signs are digitally
printed or vinyl cut.

Back-lit Signage:
Back-lit signage works well for product information
and gets attention from a distance. This style of
graphics can be incorporated into custom builds,
reception areas and much more.

Branded Furniture:
We offer full colour dye-sublimation printing
onto fabric substrates which can the be
upholstered to just about any shape or form.
Other forms of branding furniture are adhesive
vinyls, or heat pressing.



Our ranges of contemporary and functional furniture items are suited for exhibitions and events. These items are categorized into seating, tables, and accessories. The seating component includes bar stools, chairs, couches, and ottomans. We have cocktail, coffee, and side tables. The accessories inventory covers all the fundamental items relating to exhibitions and events. We provide furniture packages, bespoke items, and eco-friendly furniture to suit all budgets.

We offer high quantities of exhibition seating
or specialised seating within exhibitor stands.
Seating is a necessity for all exhibitions and
events. Examples include theatres, demo
kitchens and lounge areas. Our range consists
of bar stools, chairs, couches and ottomans.

Our products range from coffee to café/cocktail
tables, and includes all trestle and conference
style tables for show organisers and exhibitors

These are all the miscellaneous requirements a
show organiser or exhibitor will need. We offer
a range of accessory products such as fridges,
brochure stands, waste bins, pillows, plinths
and sanctioning.



Project management is being able to retain control of a project. All our services are in-house which allows us to respond to changes very quickly. The costs are dependent on variables such as design, venue, size of stand, and stand location. We guarantee a quality check and complete pre-build of the stand prior to the exhibition or event. We comply fully with all health and safety regulations and the OSH act NO 85 of 1983.

Site Inspection:
The site inspection requires a number of checks including:

  • 3 metre aisle spacing.
  • Stands need to be 1 metre from the perimeter of a marquee.
  • Fire exits in a marquee need to have a 3 metre x 3 metre of open space.
  • Allow for 1 metre wide DB pits.
  • Line of sight from one end of the venue to the other where possible.
  • Take note of ceiling heights, columns, air-con ducting units etc.
  • Fire chief approval.

Electrical Articulation:
Exhibition Stands & Events has a wide range
of distribution boards with weather
protection. We use a plug-n-play system
which minimizes time required to install
larger events.

Shell Scheme Construction:
Our staff members are experienced in
installing and servicing exhibition stands
across South Africa. These systems are
sustainable and reusable for a number
of shows on your calendar of events.

Flooring Installation:
Laying 1 metre carpet tiles into a venue requires
experience in order to line up the building
of the stands. Our team is familiar with most
venues across the country whether it is an
exhibition hall, car park, marquee or event

Signage Application:
We work with a variety of substrates including
vinyl, canvas, fabric, heat pressing etc. Our team
specialises in basic vinyl designs, to full panel
wrapping and application, digital printing,
dye-sublimation on fabric, and custom designs.

Exhibition Stands & Events meets all
responsibilities regarding health and safety
requirements. We are committed to building
sustainable working relationships with our
employees, contractors, customers and venue